About All Pedals

For more than 20 years, the WGS family has crafted the world’s finest musical equipment, beginning with Voice Coil Communications, Hawley Products, and Acoustic Design. Now we’ve grown again and we’re stoked about the introduction of the newest member of the WGS family, All-Pedal, a producer of top-shelf, boutique guitar effect pedals. Electric guitar pedals produced in our shop are made by musicians, for musicians. Each guitar pedal that we craft is meant to push the limits of sound, whether creating a clean, enhanced sound, or a more gritty sound with distortion. Our factory is located in Paducah, KY. We’re a home-gown shop with sophisticated production capabilities. Everything is done the right way. From electronics assembly, to powder coating, to printing the graphics, to piecing together the pedals. All manufacturing we do at All-Pedal is made in the USA in-house and tested by our industry experts. Service and quality can't get any finer than this. We’re dedicated to helping small businesses much like our own. So we pass along knowledge and experience to our customers. Let us show you how to get started!