Plated Through Hole Technology

One of the older methods of circuit production is the use of Plated Through Hole boards and components.  This technology still has a firm grip in aerospace and life-safety equipment.  It is primarily still used for applications where the atmospheric conditions change suddenly and drastically, which makes this more mechanical attachment method superior.  But, we all have smartphones, computers, and other toys which last years or even decades.  In fact, SMT components and construction are quite durable. Normally if SMT experiences a failure, its because something gets blown up with a power surge, dropped, or is just mistreated.  Most boutique guitar pedals are initially breadboarded with PTH components in someone's garage.  Then as they gain popularity, the design is converted to surface mount.

Today, SMT produced boutique guitar pedals is commonplace.  All-Pedal is unique in the fact we produce both technology types in-house.  Production never moves out of the United States.  This is one reason our quality control is unmatched in the music industry.