Turn - Key Solutions

When we produce electric guitar pedals, your at every step of our process. Our custom designed B2B interface gives you a live view of your products during the production and shipping process. This is another advantage of working with All-Pedal, a shop centered on building quality guitar effects.

Our user-friendly B2B portal allows you and your staff to provide input and to view the stages of your production in real-time. The portal includes such features as:

  • Direct Order Entry
  • Live accounts payable and invoice downloads
  • Custom report engine that will aid you in making decisions for your product line
  • Live view of lead-time for products we’re building
  • Instant product status that indicates where your items are in the production phases: on order, work in progress, being assembled, completed or allocated for shipment/free inventory available.
  • available inventory after current orders are filled

In addition to this highly developed portal, we will provide an invisible shipping and order fulfillment service so that it’s your business’s name that your customers see on their packages. This feature may not be for everybody, however, so if you prefer that we ship products directly to you, we can also accommodate those needs.