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The all new slamurai!

With the Slamurai™ we set out to make the most amp-like and versatile overdrive available. It has the ability to produce a wide range of tones from clean boost all the way up to more modern drive tones. It also boasts a highly tunable 3-band EQ section, designed specifically for guitar. With rugged construction, unparalleled touch sensitivity, amp-like dynamics, and versatile tone shaping onboard, the Slamurai™ will bring your tone into the way of the warrior.

Who We Are

All-Pedal is an industry leading contract manufacturer of boutique guitar pedals.  We help companies scale their production and grow their business.  The services offered are all performed in Paducah, KY out of our 24,000 sq foot facility, dedicated to the music industry.  

What We Do

 Each guitar pedal we craft is meant to push the limits of tone, whether creating a clean, enhanced sound, or a more gritty note with distortion. We’re a home-grown shop with sophisticated production capabilities. By committing to doing things the right way for over a decade, our electronics assembly, powder coating, graphics, & logistics have all exceeded customer expectations.  We’re dedicated to helping businesses like our own, reach the next level.  Let us show you how to get started.

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